Christmas Light Installation ​San Antonio

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We stay busy year around, and especially during the holiday season with our Christmas light installation San Antonio service. We understand everyone doesn’t have the time to do their own lighting, or maybe you just don’t want to Clark Griswold yourself and fall off a tall ladder.

​We love our job, but we especially love to help families decorate their homes with beautiful twinkling lights. Whatever you can dream of, we can do it! Give us a call early in the season, we do stay busy and offer discounts for early installation!

Let Us Kick Off Your Fun Old Fashion Family Christmas!

Would love to have the home lit up in red and green for the month of December but just don’t have the time or capacity? We understand, so let us help! The last thing you need is to put your self in danger, especially our residents with two-story homes or steep roofs. We are happy to work on ideas with you and provide a free estimate of not only the cost, but ideas on what would look great for your particular home. In addition to classic roof lining, here are some additional aspects of holiday lighting that we can help with:

  • Entry/Archway and Window Lining
  • Trees and Shrubbery: From the base throughout the branches
  • Driveway and Sidewalk lighting
  • Greenery – We can hang exiting wreathes and garlands

​We provide various styles and colors. Prominently LED to help with your electric bill, but we do always love the older style of ceramic bulbs (both C7 and C9 available). All of our items come at a high quality, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Free Estimates, Contact Us Early!

The holiday season is a busy time for us all, we are happy to provide free estimates throughout the year and even weeks into December. However we recommend putting thought into your lighting needs early. We begin installation as early as October, and by doing so can also offer a discount on the service. Our availability becomes limited after Thanksgiving, but we will try our best to always help each customer. 

We bring years of experience to the table for not only roofing, but by installing San Antonio Christmas lights for hundreds of local residents. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and go to extra lengths to ensure there is never any damage to your property and use universal light clips to hang the lights from the roof or gutters. The service of course will also provide take down, we will schedule that with you in advanced, to make it a very easy and seamless process! 

christmas light installation san antonio

Best Prices In San Antonio

Give us a call or contact us anytime to discuss our holiday lighting prices. We always do our best to meet your budget needs. Send us your quote from any other company and we’ll try to beat it! Christmas is a special time for you and your family, and it is for us too. 

We would love nothing more than to be the company that helps bring some extra Christmas cheer to your home and neighborhood!