Metal & Tile Roofing San Antonio

Here as a San Antonio metal roofing pro, we offer more than just standard shingle roofing. Spanish tile style roofing is another specialty, and fan favorite in our area. Providing a beautiful color to liven up the home, as well as the property value.

​Also, consider a metal roof that has a higher durability and longer life expectancy compared to the normal roof. Worry less about the potential severe storms and having to replace your roof every few years. Our sheet steel roofing is a very popular product in the Texas Hill Country, which complements our famous limestone rock. Give us a call anytime and we’ll be happy to chat about our options and our pricing!

metal roof san antonio

Endless options in san antonio

One of the key components in deciding on a metal roof  for your home, is the fact that it can come in all sorts of colors and styles. This includes metal roofing that can also look like a standard shingle roof, or even the clay/ceramic tile. Make no doubt about it, we can do it all!

We understand the cost can be a big factor with any roofing job, but consider the additional cost of having to replace a normal roof several times over and then compare that to a metal roof. The beauty here is the lifetime expectancy is much longer, for obvious reason.  Give us a call, we won’t give you a sales pitch, but instead a thorough and better understanding of a metal roof and it’s potential. 

Beautiful Roofing Perfect for San Antonio

Clay and ceramic roofing options can be a very good option, and can bring out the historic look and feel that we are accustom to knowing in the area. They can be an ideal option and are popular in warmer climates (not as common in colder climates) like Central and South Texas. Tile roofing is a very old style, and can provide much better resistance and durability compared to shingles. It is also considered to be one of the most economically friendly options for a homeowner, as the tiles can withstand heat making it easier to cool your home.

On the other hand, we need to keep in mind that tiles are definitely much heavier and will take extra work to prevent damage. The pros however of this style can easily outweigh the cons, providing a very stylish option for a roofing upgrade. Let us walk you through the differences in a tile roof project vs a standard shingle project.

Your Roof, Our pleasure

Contact us anytime, we highly value our customers and every project. We will do our best to beat any quote, and we continuously run different specials depending on the time of the year. We are a small company, but an energetic company with the best contractors in South Texas. We pride ourselves on our communication and customer service, and our work and experience will back it up! Give us a call today and we will be happy to provide answers to any questions around a metal roofing San Antonio project, and schedule a free consultation and quote immediately.