Roof Repair San Antonio

It’s nothing that anyone really expects, and definitely not something to look forward to. But as a Texas resident we have to be prepared for severe weather. It’s one of the leading causes of roof damage in our great state. We are always busy in the Spring season, but we’re always thrilled to make sure we can help you and your family. The last thing you need is a more stressful situation, leave it to us to provide a quick, stress free roofing repairs San Antonio service.

Your roof is one of the few things that has to be in very different elements 100% of the time. From 100 degree summers, to sub-freezing winters, to the severe weather. It takes a beating, so be aware and continuously attempt to check your roof for any damage. Even the smallest leaks, let us come out right way, the last thing you need is for a small problem to become a big problem. ​

Pain Free Roof Repair

Regardless of what happened, we know we can fix it. It’s never a fun process, which is why we’ve gone to further lengths in terms of customer service in order to win your business. You matter to us, and so does your roof. Our experience includes repair services for both shingle roofing, along with tile and metal roof repair. Call us right away and we can discuss your options, and then send out a contractor to survey the damage. 

roofing repair san antonio

No Matter The Damage, No Matter The Effort

In our area, wind damage and San Antonio hail damage are not rare. If you’re not careful, a few shingles flying off can eventually lead to a small leak. Which can only lead to other potential damages to your home. Once a roof becomes damaged, it’s easy for it become into needing a full roof replacement. Long, steady rains can become a problem and cause leaks if your roof is already damaged, or if you do not have proper gutters and drainage. 

Hail damage can be hard to spot from the ground, so if you get a storm that produces even small hail, it’s best to give us a call to come check it out. As the leading cause of roof damage in the state, there’s a good chance that you already have some slight damage if you have a roof more than a few years old. Along with the storms, come strong winds which can tear off shingles by the bunches. Once the shingles are gone, water can begin to seep underneath and create even more damage. Call us before your small issue becomes a big one. Lastly, be aware of trees surrounding your home and be sure to keep them trimmed so that branches do not fall and damage the roof. We are happy to also inspect the area and assist with tree trimming.

​No matter the size of the job, we’re prepared to help…and want to help. Your family is important, let us take care of any roofing repair San Antonio needs to ensure their safety. We are happy to work with your budget, as well provide financing options. Call us today and we’ll be happy to chat!